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A Thanksgiving Customer Service Lesson

Green Leaf Superintendent, Terry Welch with F.W. Webb Ballston GM Mike Biffano

Being from Central Massachusetts, I, along with literally thousands of others, waited patiently in line today for my turkey at Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster and my pie at Gerardo's Italian Bakery in West Boylston. As I waited and chatted with other patrons something struck me - on this, the day before Thanksgiving, the kick off to the stress of the holiday season - everyone at these two places was happy. There were so many people at Gerardo's that there was a policeman directing traffic, and there was a Fox news van at Bob's. Unbelievable customer loyalty on display. But why? Why do people wait longer and pay a premium for a product they can certainly get cheaper, in the case of my turkey and pie, at the grocery store. The reason is an excellent customer experience. Each deliver customer-centric service and provide a quality product while doing so. People enjoy that personal touch.

Green Leaf Construction takes the same approach to delivering design and construction services. We put the customer first, (and extend this mentality through the whole project team, as everyone succeeds when the project succeeds), provide a quality product with customer-centric service, and drive value into the process along the way. That's why Green Leaf is experiencing success and growth, and building a reputation as a leading Construction Manager in Central Massachusetts and throughout New England.

Contact us for your next building project to get the customer-focused service you deserve!

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