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F.W. Webb Central Distribution Topping Off

Topping Off January 13, 2017

Londonderry, NH - Over 100 people joined Green Leaf on site today to celebrate as the final structural steel beam of the future F.W. Webb Central Distribution Facility was placed. This marked the latest milestone in the construction of the nearly 1 million square foot facility, which is scheduled for completion in December of this year.

Tom Dube, Chief Operating Officer of Green Leaf thanked the many who have been a part of the project to date and provided a sense of the building's large scale by equating some of the project's impressive statistics to the size of a football field; it is playoff season after all.

  • Over 500,000 cubic yards of cuts and fills were made to prepare the site, including 120,000 cubic yards of rock…enough to bury a football field 280 feet deep.

  • Nearly a mile of concrete footings, plus well over 500 interior footings were installed; enough surface area to cover 80% of a football field.

  • Over 220,000 square feet of precast concrete panels were installed; enough to cover nearly 5 football fields…set in just about 35 days, start to finish!

  • 1500 tons of steel joist and joist girders, plus 573 columns that, stretched end to end would span 80 football fields.

  • Roughly 13,000 cubic yards of concrete slab will be laid; enough to cover a football field almost 7 and a half feet deep with concrete.

  • Roofing and insulation, when complete, will be enough to keep almost 16 football fields dry…that’s half of the fields in the NFL.

Jeff Pope, President of F.W. Webb also spoke and thanked the many who have worked on the project. Pope went on to note the significance the project holds for F.W. Webb as it will be more than double the current Central Distribution Facility in size and will accommodate the company's rapid growth and future expansion plans throughout the Northeast.


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