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Bridging Classroom Learning with Real-world Construction

Presque Isle Tech Center Students Visit Green Leaf Construction's Jobsite

Presque Isle Tech Center recently took education beyond the classroom as students visited Green Leaf Construction's active jobsite in Presque Isle, Maine. This collaboration illustrates the symbiotic relationship between vocational education and the professional world, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience.

The construction site served as a dynamic learning environment, where students observed the construction process first-hand. From framing and drywall to HVAC system installations, students gained insights into the practical application of their learned skills in a professional setting.

Collaboration between vocational schools such as the Presque Isle Tech Center and companies like Green Leaf underscore the importance of connecting education with industry. These opportunities allow students interested in a future as construction professionals to understand the demands of the workforce, while companies benefit by identifying and nurturing potential talent early in students' academic journeys.


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